South Shore Dancers
Board of Directors

Who is making these events happen?

There are currently 11 members on our Board of Directors. They are an amazing team who pull together and make our dances a pleasure to attend.   Directors are elected to a one-year term by the Members at the annual meeting in June of each year.   They serve from July 1 through June 30.   The Directors elect the officers from among the Board Members at their first meeting.   Directors meet monthly, usually at the home of a Director, the week after each monthly dance.

The current Board of Directors

    Marie & Tom (President) Osterland
     Laurie (Chairman of the Board) & Steve Cavanaugh (Co-webmaster)
    Martha Kelly (Treasurer & Co-webmaster)
    Joan Paquette (Property Administrator)
    Martine Anderson
    Kevin O'Brien (Contract Administrator)
    Gene Cobb
    Mary Coutts-Tobin (Corresponding Secretary)
    June Joyce (Recording Secretary)
    Roslyn Wiseman