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June 2018

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"Home on the Range" - June 9th

As we complete our year of touring the world via the flags of many nations, it is only fitting to end up at home. It is also fitting that we do so just before Flag Day on June 14, the anniversary of the date in 1777 when the Second Continental Congress of the U.S. adopted the first version of our flag.

There are so many of our cultural elements we could pick from to focus our theme. Let's just pick one ... a bit of country. Lestyn Gilmore will provide plenty of the best of Ballroom, Latin and a bit more country style than usual. Paul Russell will return to provide us with some excellent Foxtrot instruction in his entertaining style.

In addition, we will be honored to have George Cometaand April Geyer, the current US Nine-Dance Champions, show us some of their winning style. We are sure you will be amazed, perhaps inspired, by their dancing.

We’ll have our usual line dances, ladies choices, two mixers, dance hosts and maybe a dance hostess to provide dancing opportunities for everyone. There will be hot coffee, hot water for tea and plenty of ice and water and the always impressive snack and sweets table. Contributions to this table are graciously accepted, but never required.

Admission is $10.00 for SSD and USA Dance members with advance reservations and $12.00 for non-members and members without advance reservations. As of this writing, there are plenty of tickets available. For reservations, call Tom at 781-659-4703 or email us at

Notice Of Annual Members’ Meeting

South Shore Dancers Annual Members’ Meeting will be conducted on June 9th at 7:00pm at the Cushing Center in Norwell prior the dance.  All are invited to attend, including non-Members (not voting).  It is not required that one have a ticket for the dance to attend the meeting.  The agenda includes election of Directors for the coming year and a preview of event plans.

"Cinco de Mayo" – Flash: Salsa Has No Mayo

It was a Fiesta. We danced a lot. No surprise there; that's what we do.

Anne Marie and John Paul put us in the mood with a snappy bit of Salsa. They got us all started with some basic steps. Then they added some styling and more variations. When they were done, we were all "como bailar salsa experto", or at least we felt like it.

Then the baton was passed to DJ Tom Osterland to provide us with a variety of dance music for the rest of the evening. It was a wonderful crowd and we had lots of help, especially with the Snax & Sweetz table. Thank you to all.


Dancing on TV: DWTS, WOD and SYTYCD

Dancing With the Stars was over so quickly, we didn't get much chance to contrast and compare. We're only here once a month, you know. Even at that, our early handicapping wasn't too far off. Unless they were looking for something specific and didn't see it, it was almost unanimous that Adam Rippon would win. He had the technique and the personality. The one miss was Mirai Nagasu. She had the judges' scores and her technique was as good as Adam's but she didn't sell herself or her dances so she bombed with the audience. Taking her place as co-runner-up was Tonya Harding. She initially had a love/hate thing with the audience and eventually won them over. Josh Norman showed promise early and earned his runner-up result. After this weird season format, what will they do for the fall season?

World of Dance seems to have the audience to continue. It starts out OK with the different genres of dance competing to be the best at what they do but then they will have a dance-final where the HipHop group competes against the Latin couple and the kids group competes against the contemporary dancer. Apples and Oranges... Then there is the pseudo-scientific meters for the judges to enter their scores. Having said all that, the Salsa couple last week was incredible!

So You Think You Can Dance starts this Monday, June 4, with trials to select the top 20 dancers who will move on to the "Studio Rounds". The "All-Stars" (past winners) will return to partner with competitors in the second half. This is, IOHO, the most realistic of the dance competitions. The competitors are serious pro-wannabes. The judges pick the finalists, not the viewers. Unfortunately there will be fewer hours allocated by the network this season.

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