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July/August 2018

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"Pot Luck Supper Dance XXVII"

Can you believe it? On July 28th, we will present our 27th edition of the Pot Luck. It doesn't get boring because people are very generous with their effort to bring special culinary contributions. We have heard that people practice cooking dishes for friends and family all year to choose their best for Pot Luck. If you have never attended, here's what you get:

Five hours of dancing to music selected by an all-day vetting session (party),

The usual preprinted music playlist to help you plan,

The excellent large floor of the Pembroke Knights of Columbus hall,

A buffet dinner that rivals that of the best luxury cruise ships,

Appetizer and Dessert courses too,

We'll start at 6:00 pm. We’ll have our usual line dances, ladies choices and two mixers to provide dancing opportunities for everyone. Admission is $10.00 if paid in advance (send checks to SSD, PO Box 276, Norwell, MA 02061) and $12.00 paid at the door. The pre-payment discount is to streamline the entry to the hall while people are carrying food.As of this writing, there are plenty of tickets available. For reservations, call Tom at 781-659-4703 or email us at We also want to get an idea what your food contribution will be so please email or call Marie at 781-659-1292. We ask this because it is less fun if everyone chooses to bring the same dish.

"Home on the Range" - Glad We're Back

As we completed our year of touring the world via the flags of many nations, it was only fitting to end up at home in the good old U.S. of A. We added a bit of country flavor to the mix.

We began with a Foxtrot lesson by our good friend, Paul Russell. He provided a slick combination with diagonal alignments and presented it in a way that everyone surprised themselves when they got it.

Lestyn Gilmore took over the program and outdid herself with excellent ballroom, Latin and swing music choices.

Prior to the dance, we had our Annual Members' Meeting. This is when officers present brief reports and we elect Directors for the coming fiscal year. We then presented the theme for the 2018-19 season: Nine Dance Tour. The American Nine-Dance is to competitive dancing as the Decathlon is to Track and Field or the All-Around is to Gymnastics. Each couple must dance a Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese, Rumba, Chacha, Swing, Bolero and Mambo. The results for each are combined to determine the winner. So, for each of the monthly dances in the coming year, we select one American-style dance as the theme for the night. To make the point, we asked the current US Nine-Dance Champions, George Cometa and April Geyer to show us a bit of their style. They showed us two Smooth (ballroom) styles. Then, they changed costumes while we did a mixer. When they returned, they excited us all with two Rhythm dances: a ChaCha and a Mambo. Not only are they beautiful people and beautiful dancers, they are really nice to boot.

Check out our Nine Dance Tour schedule on the website or on the printed cards.


Dancing on TV: DWTS, WOD and SYTYCD

Dancing With the Stars: We don't know much yet except that Season 27 has been approved by the execs of ABC. Let's take a guess and say it will begin on Monday, September 17. Here's hoping they don't get too creative with the concept like the "all athlete" version last Spring.

World of Dance: Our readers are, for the most part, participating dancers of a social nature. Some have competition interest. Membership in a Hip-hop formation team is probably not likely at the top of our aspiration list. We can appreciate that a lot of practice goes into getting synchronized. We mostly agree that Zumba is good exercise. So, our pleasure at watching excellent dancing in our sphere of interest is diluted. We have to watch a whole hour to see one ballroom couple. Having said that, it was refreshing to see contemporary dancer, Eva Igo, last year's runner-up, who was invited back because many thought she should have won.

So You Think You Can Dance: After 4 weeks of auditions, the selected dancers begin their winnowing at the "Academy". This year's auditions showcased some of the best dancers to date. It will be interesting to see how versatile these dancers are when they are asked to perform other styles. The "1-trick ponies" will be eliminated starting Monday at 8pm. The "Academy Rounds" will be a rigorous test to select the top 20 dancers who will move on to the "Studio Rounds". The "All-Stars" (past winners) will return to partner with competitors in the second half. Several past finalists have been selected as pro-partners for Dancing With the Stars.

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