South Shore Dancers Apparel
Shirts, Windbreakers, Hats...

South Shore Dancers offers a full line of shirts, windbreakers, hats and practically any wearing apparel that the SSD logo can be stitched on.

Show your support for South Shore Dancers.   Proudly display the SSD logo when dancing at out-of-town, out-of-state or even out-of-country events.   Wear the SSD colors when on vacation.

With the increase in popularity of ballroom dancing, this can be a real "conversation-starter."

South Shore Dancers thank our very professional-looking models, Tom and Marie Osterland's grandchildren, John Molisse and Rachel Adams for posing for the photo!
Sorry, the models are not included with your purchase.

Shirts, such as the knit polo shirt (left) start at $25.00*.
Windbreakers (right) start at $45.00*.

* Depending on the order quantity we place.

For more information, contact Tom at 781-659-4703 or email us.

An even better idea... attend one of our dance events, we'll have the catalog for your perusal.

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