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Who Are We?  South Shore Dancers is a Norwell, Massachusetts based social ballroom dance club, organized to provide dancing opportunities of a high quality to its Members and the public.  We believe that ballroom dancing provides its participants with all of the elements of a great hobby.  It has room for those who get out once in a while to do a bit of dancing and socializing and for those whose passion for dance takes them to ever-higher levels of performance.  It provides physical and mental challenge in a social context, unlike hobbies that are enjoyed in relative isolation.  The Club sponsors dances and contributes its energy to promote the enjoyment of ballroom dancing.

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You may have noticed that this year's calendar card doesn't include a New Years Celebration.† Why not?† As you may know, we have traditionally had our New Year's Celebration on the Saturday between Christmas and year end.† This year, there is none.† New Year's Eve falls on a Saturday. When this happened before, we have had the party on December 31.† It turns out that there are a lot of attractive options for that night.† Also, it costs a lot more to get catering on the holiday.† We wanted to keep costs reasonable.† We are reminding our Members and friends of this so you can make other plans if you like.

We know you'd like to party so here's what we have:† We are working on plans for the December "High Society" Dance to include some of the features we would have had on New Year's Eve, including passed hot & cold hors d'oeuvres (not dinner) and other additions.† There will not be a lesson prior to the dance as servers will be passing out tasty tidbits starting at 7:30.† The cost of the tickets will be $30 per person to cover the added cost of catering. We will require a final count by December 3rd.

E-mail us for reservations.

While the needs are huge in other parts of the United States and in other parts of the world, we donít want to forget that there are those in need locally too.

We are again collecting donations for the Patriot Ledger Lend-a-Hand campaign.

Last year, we raised a donation of $2377.00 and we hope to top that this year.

This year's South Shore Dancers' match is being determined.

Donations may be made by mail up until Christmas Day. We will write a single SSD check to consolidate your gifts so please make your check payable to South Shore Dancers, with Lend-A-Hand indicated in the memo block.Thank you in advance.  SSDís mailing address is P. O. Box 276, Norwell, MA 02061.

We will have collection boxes set up at our December 10th Holiday dance.

If you cannot attend our Holiday Party and would like to contribute to our Lend-a-Hand campaign, please mail your check to South Shore Dancers, PO Box 276, Norwell, MA 02061. Thank you.

South Shore Dancers and those who's lives have been touched by your generosity thank you for your continued support!
The November edition of our Newsletter is now on line.

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